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The first facet of your company is its website. It is what distinguishes you! Our approach is creative, dynamic, innovative, and expert, resulting in long-lasting impressions and activities on your website. People utilize the company’s website to locate and interact with you in this digital age. Therefore, it is paramount to get a well-designed and organized website that reveals everything about your company/business. Moreover, the design of the company’s website determines its credibility. Therefore, use our web designing services to get your website developed just as you want it.



Our web designing experts make the exact website that you are looking for. We have a professional web designer to make websites on company landing pages, product showcases, e-commerce websites, online learning websites, video streaming platforms, blogs, news portals, online ticket booking, hospital management, restaurant management, niche website & many more.

We use the latest technology in the front end & back-end to develop a website. At Aerolite Technologies, we make a highly mobile-friendly website because most of the visitors now visit websites from mobile.


Web Development By Aerolite

Websites are a result of the back stage work which a viewer can’t see but the who developed it can, the process of creating a website is called web development. It ranges from designing a simple page to complex applications and networking services. Web development is usually the non-design aspects of building websites which is writing markups and coding. However, it includes various tasks in developing like Web Engineering, Web design, Web content development, client liaison, client- side/server-side scripting, Web server, network security configuration, e- commerce development.


Since the past few years, the web or internet has been commercialized a lot and is one of the basic necessities in everyday life of a normal human being, web development is a fast-growing industry. Businesses are opting for advertising their brands and selling their products on their websites. Few computer languages are used for the purpose like HTML, C++, CSS, Java. Many tools are available for web development like BerkeleyDB, Glassfish, LAMP stack and Pearl/Plack. They are vital in keeping the cost of web development services to the minimum. The ever-green growth of the tools has helped the developers to build more interactive and effective websites. The web development process goes in the order as follows: client-side coding, server-side coding, database technology. The developers are called devs nowadays, and the devs are divided into front- end devs, back-end devs, and full-stack devs. A front-end dev is incharge of all the visual aspects of the website like layout etc. and its interactivity. Back-end devs works on the less visible tasks that are required to run the website smoothly, such as managing the website’s hosting services, databases and applications. Full-stack devs are developers that are able to do both front-end and back-end tasks at the same time.


In today’s digitally upgraded world, it is necessary to stay connected with your customers, especially when you’ve got the resources to do so. As of January 2021, there are 4.66 billion active internet users worldwide, making 59.5 % of the global population. A study also shows that 92% of consumers visit a brand’s website with multiple intentions other than buying. So just selling your product on the website won’t make any difference in the sales but how well the website presents the answers to all the concerns of the customers. considering the vast marketplace, online shoppers often compare brands to find the best possible offering, prices or features. It’s like pitching for investors through your website. Without a web presence, your brand will lose the target audience and therefore losing the sales. Your website is your company’s foundation, you can’t just make a page and wait for customers, the website has to be better than others in search engines and appealing.


Aerolite technologies have developers that provide you the best website possible, which will gain visibility in search engines, generate internet traffic on the website, and engage visitors to enhance your conversion rate. They assist you into creating your brands online presence and helping you reach your goal of an effective and impactful online presence. Aerolite assures their clients with on-time delivery because they understand the importance of time and work-ethic, quality work because compromising with the work will not help in reaching goals, they provide professional qualified team who are well experienced in their respective works, they help clients even after the project is over because their top priority is customer satisfaction. Aerolite also uses the latest technologies so that the brand gives the best outlook on the internet. No need to worry about the money with aerolite because they charge less than other promotional platforms. Aerolite has over 445 clients and is counting more and more day by day. Aerolite’s devs make websites on the brands landing pages, product showcases, e-commerce websites, online learning websites, video streaming platforms, blogs, news portals, online ticket booking, hospital management, niche website and many more. They also use the latest technology in both frontend and back-end to develop a website. They also make the website mobile-friendly as many visitors tend to use mobiles for visiting sites. The devs of aerolite use platforms like HTML, CSS, php, Laravel, WordPress, Magento, Woo Commerce and databases like mongoDB, SQL Server, Firebase, MySQL. They are one of the top web developing firms.

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Your website provides information for Google and other search engines and is the sole source of information that is available online all day and the most important feature of your development we provide a firm basis for your campaigns on our web site design services, meet Google's standards for speed and experience and convert more visitors to leaders. We also offer different widgets and can move and customise components of your site with the support of these widgets.

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